18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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If a picture speaks a thousand words, Moving pictures have served as the epitome of Mans imagination chastised on celluloid, with infinite boundaries, limitless skies, and endless possibilities. From Superheroes flying, to Ice Age talking Mammoths, theyʹve served as a timestamp of society. Weʹve come a long way since the first talking motion picture, and have moved into the age of the digital print, High-definition CGI, and 360 degree promotional campaigns before every release.

Itʹs no surprise that the Internet has been a prominent player both on and off the silver screen. In recent years movie websites have become increasingly critical to their overall success. Yet, the ever advancing world we call the movie industry, does not have a designated home on manʹs greatest medium: the internet. The mission of the .movie TLD is to plug in this gap by serving as a single, unique, global and dedicated namespace for movies around the world.

At a quick glance, the Worldwide box office for all films released around the world reached $31.8 billion in 2010, up 8% over 2009’s total, boosted by box office increases in markets outside the U.S.⁄Canada. The International box office ($21.2 billion) made up 67% of the worldwide total, a higher proportion than in previous years (^1). Many moviegoers are increasingly using the Internet to find movies, read ⁄ write reviews, watch trailers, purchase content, access show timings, and to buy tickets. Movie makers have no choice but to invest in the web experience. Besides serving as a source of information about the movies, the movie websites also serve as a promotional tool for a new movie, enchancing the site visitors’ desire to see a movie, and resultantly purchasing a ticket when the movie hits theatres. Portals are more interactive, with contests, promotions, social integration and so on. Moreover, after a movie’s release, the websites may serve to maintain the awareness and interest of movie-goers during the movie’s box-office run. Itʹs safe to say that a web presence is a must for any movie today.

So, how important is it for the movie industry to be more prominent on the Internet?

Through a survey, it was found that movie websites are the second most effective form of promoting movies to students (^2). While the respondents perceived TV movie trailers as the most attractive, they also admitted to look beyond what they saw on TV. Consumers rely more on the Internet for helping make their decision on whether to watch a movie.

As consumers spend more time online than watching TV, movie websites are likely to gain the status of a mainstream vehicle for movie advertising. Movie makers today have little choice but to host content about their production on a generic domain extension such as .com or .net. The other alternative that some movie makers use is to include this content within the production company’s website. However, people usually remember the movie by its name, and not the name of the company that produced it. Besides, both the above ways are ineffective as far as SEO and search rankings are concerned. This may be a reason why the first few results, even when the search keywords contain the exact name of the movie, will not lead to the movieʹs official website.

All too often ʹexactmovienameʹ.com is unavailable even before the movie is conceived. There now exists a trend where all official movie websites are located on ʹexactmovienameʹthemovie.com. Since the generics offer no specific protection mechanism to ensure that movie producers are given priority rights to their title, they need to go through a UDRP process and make a claim using their trademark, and prove bad faith on the part of the current owner of the name. The generics today do not provide any rapid redressal mechanisms specific to the needs of motion picture producers.

.Movie aims to address these crucial concerns of the Movie Industry Worldwide.

At the same time though, .Movie wonʹt just cater to the production houses and Directors guilds of Hollywood or Indiaʹs Bollywood, but will also serve the interests of those businesses who are serious about their association with the Industry. This could consist of Movie Critiques, Booking Sites, Official Movie Trailer sites, Theatre Franchises, content distributors and anyone who is willing to invest in an online presence that talks Movies like no other. Bearing all of this in mind, our .Movie TLD will constantly play, serving consumers a simple and easy means to access information they look for, and the movie makers a chance to obtain a podium position. We envision .Movie as the ʺOfficial Movie destination on the Internetʺ.

The .Movie Registry will aim to serve the Interests of the Movie Industry, and all the entities that are associated with it. We positively believe .Movie will invite innovation and fresh possibilities at a global level. The Mission and purpose of our TLD is also to contribute to the Internet Namespace in the following ways:


To create a namespace that provides the Movie Industry greater choice to represent themselves online in the manner they please. To identify the website as that of a specific movie, the domain usually needs to contain the words ‘the-movie’, or ‘the-film’ trailing the actual name. Our Registry will provide Registrants a higher probability of obtaining their ʹmovietitle.movieʹ and a rapid redressal system (ERDRP) which will be built specific to the needs of movie producers.


To create a cleaner internet experience for end users by implementing pioneering registration policies, content and usage policies, and abuse mitigation processes.


To deliver a stable and resilient internet experience to registrants and end-users by going above and beyond the ICANN mandated SLAs and delivering 100% resolution uptime

So book your tickets, grab the popcorn and blankets, and catch the next .Movie. Coming soon to the Internet you browse.

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