18(b) How do you expect that your proposed gTLD will benefit registrants, Internet users, and others?

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.amicaAmica Mutual Insurance Companyamica.comView

Internet users—and in particular current Amica policyholders—will benefit from the TLD through the new and innovative paths Amica can use to personalize the customer experience. Recognizing that insurance is regulated in the U.S. state-by-state, the .amica TLD can be used to present product lines, data, and services specific to customers and policyholders by need and location.

Amica’s competitors are equally web-savvy. The company will use the brand TLD to amplify its current market differentiators (financial strength, exceptional service, reputation built over decades) and innovatively promote them through the new reach of the .amica TLD.

As mentioned, registration policies for .amica will be conservative. Amica does not intend for its TLD to be introduced as a consumer product. Registration policies will be formulated in compliance with ICANN mandates, and with the company in the decision-making role about the allocation of second-level names. We intend for second-level registrations to be used only for Amica’s own programs, and do not plan for registrar distribution to the public.

Should we elect to employ geographic names as a part of our corporate strategy, Amica will consult with and seek the approval of ICANN, as required.

As an insurance and financial services company, Amica is heavily regulated and is required to rigorously protect customer and corporate data, and we will apply these same high standards to the operation of our TLD. Though there will be no consumer registrations in .amica, the flow of data to and from customers via our TLD will be aggressively protected, as it is today.

Amica markets its products and services heavily, through direct mail, broadcast (television and radio), search engine marketing, sponsorship and banner advertising. We plan to incorporate the .amica TLD into these marketing efforts, and will seize the opportunity to further customize and target our messaging, depending on the goal of the activity.

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