18(c) What operating rules will you adopt to eliminate or minimize social costs?

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.APPNU DOT CO LLCstraat.coView

18.3 .APP operating rules to benefit consumers
We plan to follow all ICANN policies, including the best practices and recommendations for gTLDs. This will allow us to ensure end-users, have an easy way to register⁄purchase, administer, and use their domains. Adopting these policies will also prevent malicious behavior by third parties and ensure a smooth operation of the domain. The plans for the launch will be similar to the launch process used in .CO, which included:

- Gradual Offering Plan: The .CO launch included a very comprehensive gradual opening plan that both protected trademarks and provided transparency to end users. The launch was lauded by ICANN for its comprehensiveness and management. For the launch of .APP we will follow ICANN’s policies especially as it relates to the Trademark Clearinghouse which was similar to the process we used for .CO:
o Sunrise: Provide a period of a few weeks to allow the TM and IP community to register their .APP domains prior to the opening to the public. Trademark validations will be done by the Trademark Clearinghouse or as specified by ICANN in their policies. If there are multiple validated applications, these would go to auction and allocated based on these results.
o Landrush: Provide a period of a few weeks to allow domain investors and others that are interested in premium domains to apply for these domains. Once the period of the Landrush phase is over, a process to check the applications will determine if these were unique or if there were multiple applicants. If single applicants, then the domain is awarded at that time. If multiple applicants then the domain would go to an auction in which all applicants would be able to participate. For .CO this process included close to 30,000 applications and the resulting auctions were managed by Pool.com. The process was very successful managing to allocate very efficiently domains according to their perceived value by applicants and bidders at the resulting auctions.

- General Availability: For .CO we had 100k registrations in the first 10 minutes and we didn’t have a single issue nor service degradation through the launch or afterwards. We achieved this through a combination of strong planning between our partners, especially Neustar our back-end provider; communication with our Registrars prior and during the launch in a very structured way; strong infrastructure planning and provisioning; and effective load, contingency, and disaster recovery planning. We plan to use similar methods for the launch of .APP.
o First come first serve during GA and afterwards, which we believe is the best mechanism to ensure a fair allocation of domains once the domain has been launched.
o Use of UDRP and any other best-practices in rights protection mechanisms
o Highly managed General Availability launch
- Premium Domains: We will keep some domains for premium sales and these will be restricted prior to the Gradual Offering Plan begins, but can be applied for during the Sunrise phase. These premium domains will be brokered or sold via auction directly or through an accredited 3rd party. With .CO we used this mechanism as a way to allocate high value domains and also to promote the usage of the domain by high profile companies including Twitter with t.co, Google with g.co, Startup America with s.co, as well as a myriad of smaller startups and other endorsements.

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