18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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18.1 Mission⁄purpose of .DESIGN
The mission of .DESIGN is to provide constituents of the design industry with a de facto “home domain” for their online presence. We envision that it will become the preferred online namespace for the advertisement, exhibition, sale, critique, and discussion of technology products and design-related services. Given the descriptive nature of .DESIGN combined with strategic marketing campaigns designed to brand the domain, it will soon become the default for architectural and interior design firms, freelance artists, critics, and design enthusiasts alike to engage and share their content. As nearly 140,000 businesses (employing approximately 1.4mm individuals) provide design and architectural services in the US alone, the addressable need is significant. Furthermore, given that the term “design” can be associated with many different artistic and creative categories, we think that numerous other market segments such as artists, museums, and manufacturers, retailers and service providers for design-focused products will also find .DESIGN to be an attractive domain name solution.

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