16 Describe the applicant's efforts to ensure that there are no known operational or rendering problems concerning the applied-for gTLD string

Prototypical answer:

gTLDFull Legal NameE-mail suffixDetail
.HOMEDotHome ⁄ CGR E-Commerce Ltddothome.netView

DotHome has examined the applied-for string “HOME” and found that deployment of it will not cause adverse operational, rendering issues; nor general user-confusion issues due to visual similarity with existing TLDs⁄ISO3166 lists⁄ICANN reserved list of names & list of ineligible strings.

The TLD is operated by a stable and reliable registry system with no new standards required for introduction of the TLD and no burdensome requirements will be placed on registrars or users. However some non-adverse issues are considered and mitigation plans are developed for them to ensure a careful and a safe introduction, as follows:

1. Application software is not consistent in their functionality across TLDs, including for example:

- Length of TLD, where some software was programmed to only accept email or web strings ending in specific TLDs, or perhaps 2-3character length restrictions.
- Name completion, where when you enter “example” in a browser bar you get “exam-ple.com” or diversion to a search engine.
- Display of A-labels for domains under the TLD as opposed to the U-label entered or clicked on and hence expected by the user.
- Other affirmative decisions based on trusting a certain TLD, domain type, and⁄or management of the subdomains of the TLD, where some could result in blocking the TLD and all its subdomains.

Jointly these issues results in non-consistent user-experience across applications. Some are historic and communication will help solve them; the issue with TLDs longer than 2 or 3 characters that was a big issue in the 2000-01 new TLDs but now largely eliminated; other has to do with trust in the TLD Policies.

DotHome takes full responsibility for any application acceptability issues; will work with application providers to encourage general acceptance of new gTLDs; and will work with other gTLD stakeholders to support ICANN’s project for Universal Acceptance of TLDs. The DotHome marketing initiative will reach broadly to assist streamlining the user experience by providing information about the .HOME mission, registration policies associated protection mechanism.

2. Visual Confusion
DotHome has conducted due diligence in comparing the string “HOME” toward any existing TLDs, future ccTLDs, 3-character country codes per the ISO list, reserved and otherwise ineligible strings per the ICANN Applicant Guidebook, and against any country- or territory names.

.HOME is represented in standard ASCII, fulfills all technical standards and due to the length, construction, and meaning of the string, we have found that it is not conflicting with any of the restrictions placed by ICANN. The string does not relate confusingly to a country⁄regional⁄geographic name.

As a result the TLD is safe for delegation and will not create adverse effects for registrants and users of the domain name under it.

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