18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.spotDotspot LLCgmail.comView

The Mission and Purpose of the .spot TLD will primarily be to create a viable and sustainable domain name sales business that will be operated as a going concern by DotSpot LLC. The mission for this business specifically is to operate as many second level domains under .spot as possible and the business will be geared towards providing pricing and policies that underpin this objective to make it easy and affordable for .spot registrants to participate within the space.

The .spot TLD aims to add value to the global online community through the provision of an alternative namespace that is generic in nature and offers a new and innovative approach not currently available in today’s TLDs.

In essence, the .spot TLD will aim to provide a new and innovative alternative to the .com TLD, which suffers from problems due to limited availability of key or memorable high value 2nd level domains and significantly overpriced resale values in the secondary market.

With the .com TLD having approximately 100 million domains in operation, the .spot TLD will offer consumers that are unable to find domains that match their needs in .com with a viable alternative that is short memorable, and indicates a reflection towards an innovative and fresh approach to today’s current TLDs.

.spot will be differentiated from other current gTLDs such as .net, .info or .org whose purpose is seen as less appealing for those seeking alternatives due to their reference to technology, information and organisations respectively. Rather, .spot will provide a completely generic approach and a method for registrants to acquire domains in a fresh and reliable TLD.

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