18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.doctorThe Medical Registry Limitedgmail.comView


The .doctor generic Top Level Domain is an exclusive, industry-specific TLD run by The Medical Registry Limited (MR) and designed for the long-term benefit of the global medical community.

This TLD will be a clear identifier confirming an eligible individual’s status in the medical profession and will be an exclusive and authoritative online space for the industry. It will provide recognisable, succinct domain name registration possibilities for the industry as a whole and seek to provide the medical profession with a clearly identifiable and reliable online destination in which they can demonstrate their rightful place as professionals within their field. As such, second level domain registrations will only be available to industry members, thus instilling a strong level of purpose and validation in the TLD.

The .doctor TLD mission is to create a reliable, sustainable registry for the medical industry, with all entities registering within the .doctor TLD being required to produce verifiable credentials linked to evidence of professional qualifications or affiliation. The rationality of this mission as a business concept is directly connected to the uncertainty that consumers currently experience on the Internet and provides inherent benefit for the registrant and the pervasive Internet audience.

Due to a range of inadequate policies and inconsistent application of such eligibility across the current global ccTLDs and gTLDs, Internet users have no real ability to confirm that the sites they use are validated and subsequently have limited confidence in communicating with critical functions such as the medical industry or financial industry. However, .doctor seeks to modify this perception and believes that the TLD will have a positive long-term effect on users and their interaction with the medical community online. Consider these parallel findings: In a Jupiter Consumer Survey, a staggering 54 percent of consumers reported that they would be willing to switch doctors for the ability to perform certain functions with their physician or physicianʹs staff online, such as appointment scheduling, requesting prescription renewals, e-mailing regarding treatment questions, or checking lab results.

Likewise, Cyber Dialogue finds 20 percent of e-health consumers are willing to switch to another physician if that doctor has a Web site, and 17 percent would switch to a physician who uses e-mail. ʺThe cost to providers of not meeting consumer demand for increased connectivity with patients is competitive disadvantage,ʺ Cyber Dialogue concludes. With the intention to assist the medical profession to provide a reliable and validated beacon on the Internet, the .doctor TLD will provide the medical industry and consumers with a new, more accurate and orderly system by which they might use, define and find services on the Internet.

At its core, .doctor will foster the medical communities’ ability to distinguish itself on the Internet while providing consumer confidence that the professionals and companies listed with a .doctor TLD are suitably credentialed or accredited in their field. Moreover, with the existing TLD space crowded and ambiguous, .doctor will create an intuitive navigation for consumers looking, searching or communicating with doctors, as well as with their practices and other companies within the community.

.doctor will be dedicated to helping patients connect with the health care providers who are best suited to address their specific needs and preferences. The easy-to-remember TLD and inherent search directory will help people and businesses find and connect with the medical professionals and industry who can best meet their needs.

For doctors and other medical professionals and companies, .doctor will be the ideal venue to establish online credibility, increase awareness of medical practices, generate new business and strengthen relationships with patients and consumers.

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