18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.kddiKDDI CORPORATIONgmoregistry.comView

The KDDI of today has emerged through a path of mergers and integration with multiple companies that each possess their own diverse values and corporate cultures. In order to fuse together these manifold corporate cultures and encourage their individual strengths without stamping out the diverse range of values, it is important to have a Mission Statement that all executives and employees are aware of and can understand. This is for the benefit of all our stakeholders: customers, employees, shareholders, business clients, and society.
We are committed to an uncompromising quest for:

Customer Satisfaction by providing with our services the value that customers expect;

A Happy Workforce by continuing to be the kind of dynamic company that inspires all its employees with a sense of worth and fulfillment;

The Confidence of Our Shareholders by justifying the trust placed in us by our shareholders, business associates, and all with whom we have dealings;

The Advancement of the International Community by bringing an ever broadening array of communications to bear in serving the development of the global community.

.kddi is a domain for KDDI CORPORATION and its stakeholders. The primary purpose of .kddi is to consolidate KDDI CORPORATION-related domain names registered under various TLDs into an official .kddi extension. In addition, KDDI CORPORATION aims to achieve the following goals with .kddi:

1. Alleviating user confusion and improving convenience for Internet users
KDDI CORPORATION is a global company in the fields of Telecommunications
The company has registered many domain names under various gTLDs and ccTLDs not only for actual use but also as a trademark protection measure. Despite these efforts, there exist many domain name registrations and websites that infringe KDDI CORPORATION’s trademarks. As a result, Internet users often have difficulty differentiating bona fide websites from fraudulent ones. Positioning .kddi as the official domain for the company, and unifying the company⁄brand’s web presence under .kddi, would provide easy access and interaction, which the company believes would reduce confusion and improve user experience.

2. Marketing ⁄ Branding
Since .kddi is a brand new TLD that directly represents the company⁄brand name, the Applicant expects it to be a highly effective marketing and branding tool. The Applicant believes that .kddi will not only reinforce KDDI CORPORATION’s brand on the Internet, but also attract people to visit the website because .kddi domain names make it easier for Internet users to access to the information related to the company.

3. Simplifying domain name management
The third purpose for applying for .kddi is to simplify the management of domain names the Applicant has registered. As stated earlier, KDDI CORPORATION has many domain names under the various TLDs, posing a challenge in dealing with different registration and operation rules, log-in systems, etc. .kddi would make it possible to manage domain names under the .kddi rules and systems umbrella and would replace various KDDI CORPORATION related domain names with .kddi domain names. As a consequence, it will be safer and easier for the .kddi stakeholders to manage their domain names.

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