18(b) How do you expect that your proposed gTLD will benefit registrants, Internet users, and others?

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.studioNamesphere Limitedtld.asiaView

1. Goals of the TLD

The .studio domain aspires to be the domain of choice for creative industries and creative types interested in expressing their creative endeavors. With the advent of the creative economy in the new millennium, a central goal of the Registry is to promulgate and nurture innovation. The .studio domain plays an important role in this concept by providing users a domain that they can clearly identify as their own.

With the full support of ARI as the registry back-end services provider, the TLD aims to operate at world class service levels delivering registry services to its registrars, registrants as well as general internet users a high capacity and high availability platform.

The Registry, through the support from its Registry Front-End Services Provider, Namesphere, which is a spin-off of the DotAsia Organisation, sets a noble goal in building itself as a reputable initiative that is economically viable and one which participates in the global community as a responsible netizen, upholding a high level of integrity and respecting the rights of others.

2. Differentiation and Innovation

The .studio registry believes that a name makes a difference. A “studio” in literal terms is the very environment where the spark of creative energy is born, where ideas are conceived. The .studio TLD opens up options for creative industries, businesses and artisans in the various arts fields and individual creators differentiated from the existing gTLDs that maybe too commercial, too broad or too narrowly defined, and do not fundamentally express the creative nature of their work and enterprise.

The Registry believes in operating a secure and stable platform from which innovations could take root and prosper. As a TLD registry, the Registry will focus its efforts on innovations that improve the security, stability and user experience of Internet users by providing high availability and seamless advancement of technologies. The Registry considers itself successful if users are oblivious of its operations.

3. Improving User Experience

With the .studio TLD being targeted towards the creative sector, we believe that the general artistic quality of the websites, content and services provided under .studio domain names could provide enhanced user experience. While the Registry itself of course would not be able to dictate the materials produced under .studio domain names, the TLD aspires to develop a niche as a canvas for artists of different creative media and industries.

Furthermore, besides the security, stability and anti-abuse measures in place, the Registry will advocate the use of the TLD to the creative sector, whom, as primary users (registrants) of the domain will have an improved user experience by having the option of creating their own .studio domain name, which better expresses the environment that they are in (than other existing TLDs).

4. Registration Policies Supporting the Goals to Drive User Benefits

Upon Go Live of the registry, the TLD will be an open registry accepting registrations from individuals and businesses around the world. To uphold its reputation as a socially responsible TLD, beyond the basic ICANN requirements, the Registry is committed to put in place a comprehensive Sunrise and Startup process (Q29) as well as effective Abuse Prevention (Q28) and Rights Protection Mechanisms (Q29) to strengthen the orderly and stable introduction of the TLD.

Furthermore, the Registry is committed to developing supportive policies to promote the goals stipulated, including policies to strengthen the rights of registrants while balancing other interests to avoid abuse.

5. Privacy and Confidentiality Protection

Privacy and confidentiality is critical to a domain namespace targeted to consumers. As a socially responsible operator, the Registry is dedicated to ensuring that the privacy users and confidentiality of information is protected. The Registry, leveraging the infrastructure supported by its Registry Back-End Services provider, ARI, maintains a highly secure environment physically and technically to ensure that confidential information are not leaked.

The Registry is also committed to developing and implementing policies that complies with privacy laws in the locality it operates out of and can be compatible with privacy laws of registrars and registrants of the registry. The Registry understands that there is no guarantee of compatibility of such laws especially given the global nature of the DNS and of the Internet at large, and is committed to dedicate itself, especially through its partner DotAsia (through Namesphere, as the Registry Front-End Services Provider for the Registry), to participate in the global Internet Governance discourse on the subject.

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