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gTLDFull Legal NameE-mail suffixDetail
.tciAsia Green IT System Bilgisayar San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.nsline.comView

CoCCA currently delivers proven, innovative WHOIS and Registration Data Directory Services (ʺRDDSʺ) technology to the TLDs hosted by CoCCA and to the TLDs that deploy the pamoja SRS on their own infrastructure. CoCCAʹs Specification Four compliant WHOIS and RDDS technology will be utilized by CoCCA for the .tci TLD. Under CoCCAʹs SRS Architecture one WHOIS server will answer for all the TLDs in the SRS. Each TLD Sponsor can configure the WHOIS such that it serves different results depending on the wishes of the Asia Green IT System Bilgisayar San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. and applicable ICANN requirements.

26.1 WHOIS Architecture and Infrastructure Overview

CoCCAʺs flexible WHOIS architecture is designed for high availability, complies with RFC 3912 and surpasses the requirements in Specifications 4 and 10. The flexible pamoja WHOIS server may be configured to provide a variety of information, and in a variety of formats that supplements ICANNʹs proposed gTLD requirements.

As registrations appear (or are modified) in the registration database, changes are committed to a replicated read only secondary database utilized by CoCCAʹs WHOIS server. Because the replication is synchronous WHOIS data is presented in real time. If at a future date WHOIS query response times becomes an SLA issue, WHOIS responses may be cached using ʺinfinite cacheʺ horizontal caching technology, which has been tested and can readily scale to meet future demand, alternatively RDDS services may be answered by a SRS instance off-site ( one of the CoCCA secondary⁄failover SRSʹs) for near real-time WHOIS and RDDS.

26.2 Port 43 WHOIS (command line)

CoCCA has confirmed that the format of the domain status, individual and organizational names, address, street, city, state⁄province, postal code, country, telephone and fax numbers, email addresses can and will be configured to conform to the mappings specified in EPP RFCʺs 5730-5734. The originating IP address and date time of all WHOIS queries are logged and will be stored for a minimum of 28 days in the production SRS.

GUI configuration and command line flags allow a client to request output in ASCII, Unicode, ASCII and Unicode or HTML output (with tables). For IDN TLDs, a variety of command line WHOIS options have been tested in conjunction with the Arabic TLDs that use the CoCCA SRS. CoCCA supports all the current IETF standards and several developed for current IDN users. CoCCAʹs SRS can be readily modified should ICANN mandate a particular technology in the future.

26.2.1 Domain Name Data:
* Proposed Production Query format: whois ʺh -whois.nic.〈TLD〉 domain
* Response format: Currently compliant with Specification 4, Section 1.4.2 (pages 40-41).

26.2.2 Registrar Data:
* Proposed Production query format: whois ʺh -whois.nic.tci registrar
* Response format: Currently compliant with Specification 4, Section 1.5.2 (pages 41-42) -- with the exception of the registrar ʺWHOIS Serverʺ object (p. 42), under the proposed .tci thick registry model registrars will not operate their own WHOIS servers.

Inclusion of this object seems redundant and may cause confusion regarding the authoritative WHOIS server for the .tci. If required by ICANN the registrar WHOIS object data will be collected and displayed by CoCCA.

26.2.3 Name Server Data:
* Proposed Production Query format: whois ʺh -whois.nic.〈TLD〉 (Host or IP)
* Response format: Currently compliant with Specification 4, Section 1.6.2 (p. 42)

26.3 Public WHOIS service via a secure port 443 web-based interface:
CoCCAʺs pamoja software has a publicly accessible port 443 GUI service that allows individuals to query the SRS for registration data for individual domain, registrar or host records.

CoCCA has confirmed that the format of the domain status, individual and organizational names, address, street, city, state⁄province, postal code, country, telephone and fax numbers, email addresses can and will be configured to conform to the mappings specified in EPP RFCʺs 5730-5734.

To prevent abuse, CoCCA implements rate limiting via CAPTCHA for each individual transaction. The procedure would follow as per below.

1) An individual would navigate in a browser to https:⁄⁄whois.nic.〈TLD〉
2) Click on the appropriate button (Domain, Registrar, or Name Server)
3) Enter the applicable parameter:
----Domain name, including the TLD (e.g., EXAMPLE.TLD)
----Full name of the registrar, including punctuation (e.g., Example Registrar, Inc.)
----Full host name or the IP address (e.g., NS1.EXAMPLE.TLD or
4) Enter the CAPTCHA phrase or symbols
5) Click on the Submit button

Possible Outcomes from the query:
* If an exact match for the domain, host, or registrar exists in the SRS, the Port 443 WHOIS will display the same information and with the same formatting, as the port 43 WHOIS (see above and Specification 4, Sections 1.4 ʺ 1.6 ).

* If there is no exact match but a super-ordinate domain exists the SRS data for the super- ordinate name is to be displayed. By way of example if an individual searches for abc.domain.tci and abc.domain.tci does not exist then the SRS would display the information on domain.tci and advise the individual accordingly.

26.4 WHOIS and RDDS | Demonstrating Capability

CoCCA has almost a decade of experience running multiple TLDs and providing WHOIS services. WHOIS and RDDS are integrated into CoCCAʺs pamoja software. In order to demonstrate capability and compliance with the Specification Four, Section One, Asia Green IT System Bilgisayar San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. has instructed CoCCA to make available to evaluators an Operational and Testing and Evaluation (OTE) WHOIS and RDDS interface on request. Alternatively, evaluators may download CoCCAʹs pamoja SRS, install locally and contact CoCCA for configuration advice.

The URL to download pamoja is https:⁄⁄downloads.coccaregistry.net. Installers are available for Linux64x ( Centos Ubuntu ), OSX (10.6+) and WIN7+ servers.

26.5 Network Diagrams

CoCCAʹs RDDS services serve data directly from the SRS, there is no separate WHOIS database. If performance becomes and issue pamojaʹs RDDS read-only services can be configured to extract data from a replicated copy of the SRS.

Individuals or entities that desire to run multiple queries against the SRS for law enforcement purposes, IP protection or to mitigate cyber-crimes need simply subscribe to CoCCAʹs Premium RDDS Service and may query the SRS via EPP as well as port 43 and the 443 GUI. Premium RDDS users are granted EPP read-only access (on request) and need not be ICANN Accredited registrars. In many cases EPP may be a better tool for automation of multiple queries than port 43 WHOIS.

The systems supporting WHOIS are fully redundant with hardware and software that can easily scale to meet the Asia Green IT System Bilgisayar San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.ʹs growth projections of the TLD. For comprehensive description of the SYD NOC see questions 31 and 32.

The WHOIS server at the CoCCA Data Centre in Sydney currently answers for 12 TLDs and processes on average fewer than 8000 WHOIS requests per hour. The current WHOIS server and database has been tested and can answer in excess of 9,000 TPS as currently configured - network latency may impact real world results depending on the origin of the query.

26.6 Synchronization Frequency Between Servers

CoCCAʹs WHOIS architecture is designed to ensure WHOIS data is current, accurate and reliable. CoCCAʹs RDDS services serve data directly from the SRS, in the default configuration there is no separate WHOIS database. CoCCA uses PostgreSQL and synchronous replication data is committed to the production SRS master database and a secondary database (read only) server configured to serve WHOIS data, so that at all times the SRS and CoCCAs WHOIS servers serve the same data.

CoCCA streams SRS data off-site asynchronously (and by log file shipping as a failover) to their SRS servers in Palo Alto and Auckland to enable those SRSʹs to serve near-real time WHOIS data if the primary SRS experiences an issue that negatively impacts CoCCAʹs ability to meet SLAʹs for the .tci TLD.

If WHOIS caching is required as the .tci TLD grows, compliance with the SLA requirements in the ICANN agreement may necessitate that Failover SRS or Escrow SRS answer RDDS queries or that cache servers be deployed, in such a circumstance, the WHOIS response would be near real-time ( accurate to within a min or two of the primary SRS ).

26.7 Compliance with Specification 4

CoCCA will provide free RDDS Services via both port 43 and a web-based port 443 site in accordance with RFC 3912.

Additionally, the CoCA will also provide fee-based Premium RDDS service described in further detail below. CoCCA and the Asia Green IT System Bilgisayar San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. acknowledge that ICANN reserves the right to specify alternative formats and protocols and if such change were to occur; CoCCA will implement specification changes as soon as practical.

CoCCA and the Asia Green IT System Bilgisayar San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. will provide bulk access of thin RDDS data to ICANN to verify and ensure operational stability of registry services, as well as to facilitate compliance checks on accredited registrars. Access will be provided to ICANN on a weekly basis and the format will be based on section 3 of Specification 4. Further, exceptional access to thick RDDS will be provided to ICANN per Specification 2.

Should ICANN request it CoCCA will provide ICANN with a Premium RDDS login at no charge which will provide them with continuous access to the SRS to extract thick SRS data for the .tci at its leisure.

The proposed format of the data objects for domains, name servers , and the registrar output are provided below:

1.4. Domain Name Data:
1.4.1. Query format: whois EXAMPLE.TLD
1.4.2. Response format:
Domain Name: EXAMPLE.TLD
Domain ID: D1234567-TLD
WHOIS Server: whois.example.tld
Referral URL: http:⁄⁄www.example.tld
Updated Date: 2009-05-29T20:13:00Z
Creation Date: 2000-10-08T00:45:00Z
Registry Expiry Date: 2010-10-08T00:44:59Z Sponsoring Registrar: EXAMPLE REGISTRAR LLC Sponsoring Registrar IANA ID: 5555555
Domain Status: clientDeleteProhibited Domain Status: clientRenewProhibited Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited Domain Status: serverUpdateProhibited Registrant ID: 5372808-ERL
Registrant Name: EXAMPLE REGISTRANT Registrant Organization: EXAMPLE ORGANIZATION Registrant Street: 123 EXAMPLE STREET
Registrant City: ANYTOWN
Registrant State⁄Province: AP
Registrant Postal Code: A1A1A1
Registrant Country: EX
Registrant Phone: +1.5555551212
Registrant Phone Ext: 1234
Registrant Fax: +1.5555551213
Registrant Fax Ext: 4321
Registrant Email: EMAIL@EXAMPLE.TLD Admin ID: 5372809-ERL
Admin City: ANYTOWN
Admin State⁄Province: AP
Admin Postal Code: A1A1A1
Admin Country: EX
Admin Phone: +1.5555551212
Admin Phone Ext: 1234
Admin Fax: +1.5555551213
Admin Fax Ext:
Tech ID: 5372811-ERL
Tech Street: 123 EXAMPLE STREET
Tech City: ANYTOWN
Tech State⁄Province: AP
Tech Postal Code: A1A1A1
Tech Country: EX
Tech Phone: +1.1235551234
Tech Phone Ext: 1234
Tech Fax: +1.5555551213
Tech Fax Ext: 93
DNSSEC: signedDelegation
DNSSEC: unsigned
〉〉〉 Last update of WHOIS database: 2009-05-29T20:15:00Z 〈〈〈

1.5. Registrar Data:
1.5.1. Query format: whois ʺregistrar Example Registrar, Inc.ʺ 1.5.2. Response format:
Registrar Name: Example Registrar, Inc. Street: 1234 Admiralty Way
City: Marina del Rey
State⁄Province: CA
Postal Code: 90292
Country: US
Phone Number: +1.3105551212 Fax Number: +1.3105551213
Email: registrar@example.tld
WHOIS Server: whois.example-registrar.tld
Referral URL: http:⁄⁄www. example-registrar.tld
Admin Contact: Joe Registrar
Phone Number: +1.3105551213
Fax Number: +1.3105551213
Email: joeregistrar@example-registrar.tld
Admin Contact: Jane Registrar
Phone Number: +1.3105551214
Fax Number: +1.3105551213
Email: janeregistrar@example-registrar.tld
Technical Contact: John Geek
Phone Number: +1.3105551215
Fax Number: +1.3105551216
Email: johngeek@example-registrar.tld
〉〉〉 Last update of WHOIS database: 2009-05-29T20:15:00Z 〈〈〈

1.6. Nameserver Data:
1.6.1. Query format: whois ʺNS1.EXAMPLE.TLDʺ or whois ʺnameserver (IP Address)ʺ 1.6.2. Response format:
Server Name: NS1.EXAMPLE.TLD
IP Address:
IP Address: 2001:0DB8::1
Registrar: Example Registrar, Inc.
WHOIS Server: whois.example-registrar.tld
Referral URL: http:⁄⁄www. example-registrar.tld
〉〉〉 Last update of WHOIS database: 2009-05-29T20:15:00Z 〈〈〈

26.8 Supplemental Data
Subject to ICANN Approval, Asia Green IT System Bilgisayar San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. will ensure the SRS is configured to display of the following Supplemental RDDS data (objects only displayed if applicable).

Activation Expiry Date: 2011-12-31T11:11:11Z
Activation Date: 2011-12-31T11:11:11Z
Contact Confirmation Expiry Date: 2011-12-31T11:11:11Z
Contact Confirmation Date: 2011-12-31T11:11:11Z
Registration Grace Expiry Date: 2011-12-31
Registration MIN Expiry Date: 2011-12-31
Redemption Expiry Date: 2011-12-31
Purge Date: 2011-12-31
Renewal Grace Expiry Date: 2011-12-31
Transfer Grace Expiry Date: 2011-12-31

Reseller ID: 4261797-ERL
Reseller Name: ACME Reseller A
Reseller Street: 123 RESELLER STREET
Reseller State⁄Province: RS
Reseller Postal Code: 12345
Reseller Country: US
Reseller Phone: +1.5555551219
Reseller Phone Ext: 1239
Reseller Fax: +1.5555551219
Reseller Fax Ext: 4329
Reseller Support Email: helpdesk@reseller.〈TLD〉

26.9 Compliance with Specification 10

CoCCAʹs WHOIS service will comply and⁄or exceed the Registration Data Directory Service (RDDS) performance specifications outlined in Specification 10 of the proposed Registry agreement. For the existing TLDs supported by CoCCA, all service levels already exceed the Specification 10 Requirements:

* RDDS Availability 98%
* RDDS Query 95%
* RDDS Update 95%

CoCCAʺs current RDDS availability statistics are available online at http:⁄⁄stats.coccaregistry.net

RDDS Services that are near real time can be provided from the failover or escrow SRSʹs by simply changing the IP⁄ CNAME for the whos.nic.[TLD] if there are SLA related or loading issues. This has been tested and is being done automatically at any time by CoCCAʹs monitoring software with near immediate effect 30 seconds.

26.10 Historical Abstracts
In addition to CoCCAʹs RDDS services, detailed Historical Abstracts for individual domains are also made readily available to the general public, law enforcement and rights owners.

Historical Abstracts are a compilation of all information available on a domain (including deleted archived domains) that are held in the registry. This includes the time and date of all changes in contacts, hosts, registrars, resellers, statusʹs as well as all registration, activation, confirmation, renewal, restore or commercial transactions related to the maintenance of domain in the SRS.

A representative sample of a Historical Abstract detailing the full history of a domain is attached.

26.11 Premium RDDS (port 443 and port 700 EPP)

Asia Green IT System Bilgisayar San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti., with the service support of CoCCA, intends to offer Boolean partial and exact match search capability of all Domain, Contact, Host, Registrar data in the SRS within the Directory Service via a web interface. This Premium service will be billed at a monthly rate depending on the number of queries.

ICANNʹs requirement that thin SRS data be made available in bulk makes it trivial for any entity who has thin data provided by the Centralized Zone Data Access Provider to run automated queries against the .tci WHOIS pubic WHOIS server and extract thick SRS data - for all the domains in a zone. CoCCAʹs Premium RDDS makes access to registration data by IP Owners, Law Enforcement and CERTʹs efficient (EPP and GUI ) and timely (real-time), Premium RDDS does not expose any information that ICANNʹs gTLD policy does not effectively require Asia Green IT System Bilgisayar San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. to otherwise make publicly available to the public via WHOIS and the services of CZDA Provider.

Because experience has demonstrated that entities often attempt to use the WHOIS for a variety of purposes, rights protection, research etc., and because WHOIS is a rather blunt instrument which does not provide always provide the most useful advice on reserved domains, wildcard string registrations etc. entities with a Premium RDDS Service will, on request, be granted read-only EPP access to retrieve domain information.

In order to make it unnecessary for IP owners or others to continuously query the SRS via EPP or command line WHOIS subscribers to the Premium RDDS may create lists that use regular java expressions and boolean operations that will notify them by email and if applicable EPP polling messages when a domain that matches a given string is registered.

To mitigate abuse of this feature, Asia Green IT System Bilgisayar San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. will implement the following measures to ensure legitimate authorized users and ensure the feature is in compliance with any applicable privacy laws or policies:

* Premium RDDS subscribers must agree, as a condition of access to comply with Section 2.1.5 of Specification 4.To monitor that RDDS services are not being abused and used to ʺsupport the transmission by e- mail, telephone, or facsimile of mass unsolicited, commercial advertising or solicitations to entities other than user’s own existing customers, or (ii) enable high volume, automated, electronic processes that send queries or data to the systems of Registry Operator or any ICANN-accredited registrarʺ CoCCA will seed the SRS with unique records and that enable them to track reported abuse back to an individual RDDS subscriber.

* Because this is only offered as a premium and paid service, the request must follow the CoCCA application process to confirm the user identification and process the financial transaction. Thus, the typical end-user will not have access to this service.

* All GUI searches are conducted via authenticated user access using a combination of username and password and OTP tokens.

* CoCCA will monitor for out of band usage patterns of the Premium RDDS service and take appropriate action if policy thresholds are exceeded.

26.12 Zone File Access

Subscribers to the Premium RDDS may download .tci zone files via the port 43 GUI up to six (6) times in any 24 hour period.

CoCCA will comply all the requirements set out in Specification 4, Sections 2.1-2.1.7. Specifically, CoCCA will operate a dedicated server supporting FTP, and or other data transport access protocols in a manner specified by ICANN and the Centralized Zone Data Access Provider.

26.13 Resource Plans

The .tci TLD will be added to CoCCAʹs SRS at their primary data center in Sydney which currently supports the features noted above.

The Asia Green IT System Bilgisayar San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. will dedicate 2 professionals to coordinate the operation of the .tci TLD. At the same time, the technical professionals at CoCCA will be supporting the vast majority of the technical aspects of operating the .tci TLD.

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